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How Networking can benefit your Business:

Networking is like being your own personal billboard! It’s great for building business contacts, finding new partners, making connections in your industry and promoting your business.

Networking isn’t just about turning up to events; it’s about creating relationships and connections with other people. You never know who you might meet at an event that can help you or your business in some way.

Making friends and letting people get to know you on a personal level is the most important aspect of networking. This is your first hand opportunity to make YOU known.

Global Reach:

Access to best logistic agents from across the globe gives you the exclusive facility to leverage mutual competencies and growth thereby.

Trusted & Reliable Members:

Enrolling top quality member is of prime importance. We strictly believe in quality rather than quantity. You will get members here who have rock solid base and can be trusted in all ways.

Access to Opportunity:

Connecting with global partners gives you the benefit of vast opportunities that can be accessed mutually. Your strengths are opportunities for them and vice versa. It is like expanding without boundaries. Stay updated with cutting edge technology & latest business strengths

Raised Profile:

Being visible and getting noticed is a benefit of networking that’s essential growth factors for any business. Networking is a great way to identify business best practices or industry benchmarks. Learning from what others do is a valuable strategy for all businesses.

Marketing & Promotions:

Brand is everything. It gets you to places. It is your face value. F Cube gives you the opportunity promote your services, rate offers and exclusive brand visibility. Come & Advertise with us. It is all for FREE.

Conferences & Events:

Innovative annual conference in the laps of nature gives you the opportunity to meet members face to face and build that friendship. Because every great business is built on friendship.

Flexi Friendly Payment Plan (FFPP) Coverage upto USD 20,000 :

Members will have financial security which leads to peace of mind when doing business with fellow Members.
We have FFPP in place for members to utilize in the event of non-payment of Members invoices by another Member in which we collect FFPP Fund from each Member to safeguard member’s shipment transactions for any liabilities within the network with following criteria:

Annual Member contribution towards FFPP.
USD 2500 immediate protection for 0-1 year.
USD 5000 for 1-3 years.
USD 10000 for 3-5 years.
USD 20000 for + 5 years.

Debt Protection:

F Cube tied up with FDRS to safeguard the financial ricks of all members that might occur in any unfortunate events. FDRS is an independent company dedicated to assist freight forwarders within the logistic networking groups to safeguard their financial perils that might occur in the event of any other partner defaulting payments. FDRS has a most comprehensive industry standard database of delinquent debtors in the freight forwarding community that gives a direct access to the list of defaulter forwarders across the globe.

How does it work?
No recovery – no fees.
Less than 15% recovery fee for any actual collected monies for network members.
Services cover all companies involved in freight forwarding, globally.
FDRS has worldwide network of collection attorneys to facilitate recovery process.
This initiative has been exclusively taken up so that our members can be in peace and surety while dealing with each other. It incorporates a sense of renewed trust in the friendships that we endeavor to grow.

Track Management :

With the help of Track Management, F cube assists in issuing payment reminders for all members of our network.
It gives members total control over invoice and agreed credit terms. Once reported shipment and invoice will be entered in the system, system will automatically remind all members for the remittance of invoices.

This needs to be followed up from both sides. In case, an update request to a creditor is not responded within 30 days, the system will consider those invoices automatically as "paid". Furthermore such an invoice will no longer be protected by our Payment Protection Plan.

These are some of the highlights that we are building our community on. With more and more association and support we get from you and we travel forward together, many new innovative ideas will be presented with. Cheers!

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    May 2018 - New Members joined from Sudan, UAE, Pakistan

    June 2018 - New Members joined from China, Israel, Malaysia, Taiwan

    July 2018 - New Members joined from Romania, UAE, Singapore

    Aug 2018 - New Members joined from Philippines, Nigeria, USA, Australia, Fiji, Portugal

    Oct 2018 - New Members joined from Poland, Spain, Bangladesh, India

    Nov 2018 - New Members joined from UAE

    Dec 2018 - New Members joined from Iran, Morocco

    Jan 2019 - New Members joined from Sri Lanka, UK

    Jan 2019 - F Cube has expanded to open a new office in Singapore

    Mar 2019 - Successfully concluded 02nd Annual Conference in Danang, Vietnam

    Mar 2019 - New Members joined from Argentina, UK

    Apr 2019 - New Members joined from South Africa
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