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What is F Cube ?

Passion for Networking & bringing professionals close enough to develop friendships is the principal idea behind the formation of Flexi & Friendly Forwarders ( F Cube ).

Welcome to our community – welcome to the friendly people inside!

Forwarders join networking communities because they benefit out of them. Simple benefits don’t suffice for the ‘best’ partners. They join when communities offer them the sense of exclusivity, the right answers to make them succeed and add value to their organization.

While some members enjoy problem solving with others in the community, some attend community discussions for companionship, things they like, dislike, their personal interests & everyday lives. Networking communities give members a fresh group of people to talk to instead of interacting with people they see on daily basis.

We empower our members to maintain high ethical standards on a friendly & flexible level without being absolute strict professionals. How we do it? As below:


Flexi or being flexible is the new norm. We listen to customers, partners to make the changes, roll them out, listen again and repeat. This includes a roll up your sleeves and muck in attitude from everyone.

Flexibility in the networking business has to be give and take scenarios between both parties, with clear communication, but most importantly, clear boundaries and expectations. Flexibility comes with keeping an open mind and working smartly. See changes and problems as opportunities and enthusiastically rise to the challenge. Having a flexible community means trusting each other.

Flexibility in all matters is important in all businesses. In fact, being fast in failing and fast in changing strategy is one of the biggest advantages we have over larger competitors.

“Being flexible is a necessity in order to achieve desires, goals, dreams and aspirations. It's a new way of seeing the life.” So, remember the road to success is never straight; it is full of twists and turns and some potholes too! So keep pace with change or be left behind.


Being friendly feels confident and happy, with a positive take on other people, moving towards the world instead of backing away from it.

Here, the core purpose is to not only develop professional relationships that help to build solid business endeavors but true friendships as well. Success ratio grows when the business deals are carried out in a friendlier environment. We give it our prime focus, develop friendships first. Boardroom meetings are passé, let’s join in the playground.

People respond more openly and positively to friendliness. It enables you to communicate much more effectively because it binds you with others in ways that anger, coercion, intimidation can’t. And that bonding is the stuff that great results flow from.

When any company wins new business we hear it’s because the fit felt right, or because their culture seems to gel with their customers’. In this way, business isn’t that different from friendship – we want to hang out and work with people we like and with businesses we respect.

With friendliness everybody has an opportunity to win. Most people welcome friendliness even if they disagree with and even dislike a community. Furthermore, our friendliness attribute can prompt people we interact with to reflect on their own character, a prerequisite for their choosing to be motivated.

Should we be friendly just so that other people will reciprocate the support in our time of need? We think that would be rather selfish. True kindness and friendliness can only be expressed when we let go of the need to gain something from it.


It is you, Logistic Professionals, the reason we are here.

Forwarders across the globe join different networks with the prime motive of business growth. At F Cube, this growth becomes autonomous with the flexible & friendly approach that we follow.

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Network & Member Updates

    May 2018 - New Members joined from Sudan, UAE, Pakistan

    June 2018 - New Members joined from China, Israel, Malaysia, Taiwan

    July 2018 - New Members joined from Romania, UAE, Singapore

    Aug 2018 - New Members joined from Philippines, Nigeria, USA, Australia, Fiji, Portugal

    Oct 2018 - New Members joined from Poland, Spain, Bangladesh, India

    Nov 2018 - New Members joined from UAE

    Dec 2018 - New Members joined from Iran, Morocco

    Jan 2019 - New Members joined from Sri Lanka, UK

    Jan 2019 - F Cube has expanded to open a new office in Singapore

    Mar 2019 - Successfully concluded 02nd Annual Conference in Danang, Vietnam

    Mar 2019 - New Members joined from Argentina, UK

    Apr 2019 - New Members joined from South Africa
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