Flexi or being flexible is the new norm. We listen to customers, partners to make the changes, roll them out, listen again and repeat. This includes......



Being Friendly feels confident and happy, with a positive take on other people, moving toward the world instead of backing away from it...



It is you, Logistic Professionals, the reason we are here.Forwarders across the globe join different networks with the prime motive of business....


Welcome To F Cube

F Cube is a young and newly formed community designed for Dynamic Logistic Professionals from across the globe.

The world's first professional non-exclusive logistic network that builds up itself on the most trusted form of human association called “Friendship”.

At F Cube, we endeavor to make one-of-its kind network where members meet & interact on a friendly level rather than traditional professional protocols. Adding further on to this idea, we empower our members with this unique concept of being Flexi and Friendly in their networking approach to achieve their goals.

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On behalf of 3Way Intl, I thank you all for making this conference an amazing experience. Rohit thank you for all the efforts you have put in to make this event unique and a great success.

Mario Martins

3 Way Intl, Canada

It was wonderful meeting you all, hope u all have a safe flight back home, till then cheers!!
Rohit, mission accomplished, job well done bro!!!.

Govind Swami

Navio Shipping, UAE

Thank you for all the efforts from Rohit which bought all of us together in the last 3 days. This was one of best conference I ever attended in not only it was well organised but also with all lovely members.

Ricky Shon

TCI, Hongkong

Hi guys, as Ricky said, this was one of the best conferences I have participate to, even. Memorable moments, lovely place and very good friends together, thanks to Rohit and everyone who made this gorgeous event.


Global Shipping, Romania

Thank you for the effort to arrange this conversation. It’s was well organised & first convention to have meetings at the beach area. Wish all of you have safe trip back home. See you again.


VLI, Malaysia

Thank you to everyone for receiving me and make me feel part of this great family. Was a wonderful time. Hope to see you next year . Thanks again to all of you specially to Rohit who allow me to come at last minute . Big hug to all !!!!


Bymar, Argentina

It was a big pleasure meet all of you, and thanks for attention and make me really as a family. Hope see you soon or at least next year. Hugs

Jackson Wolff

Wolff Cargo, Brasil

Thanks to Rohit firstly due to create a wonderful family and also to all the members of this family. Hope to see you soon some of the members of family at Turkey or anywhere . Wish to meet all together next year in Philippines.


CTT, Turkey

Thanks for Rohit take care and it is great conference. I am very grateful to all the friends who have attended Da Nang in these three days. You are the best and friendly partners. See you next year.

Mike Tse

DCL, Hongkong

Indeed it was one of the best conferences I have attended so far, thanks to Rohit for meticulous planning and unlimited fun👍🏻 and to all you lovely, friendly partners, can’t wait for the next event Rohit thanks! Keep up the good work and our partnering strong👌🏻F-Cube Rocks



It was indeed a pleasure connecting with so many new friends at this wonderful conference in Da Nang! Truly amazing experience which never experienced before in several other meets.. Kudos to the leader Rohit , who I am sure has put in a lot of efforts and hard work to get this all organized..

S Moorti

Corporate Shipping, UAE

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